When immigration is our starting point

Many women in the Netherlands need to hear this

As an immigrant in the Netherlands, one of the first things I was told is that the feminist fight in the Netherlands was over: women already got what they wanted. But it doesn’t take long for reality to hit you: I still live in a patriarchal society that objectifies women, with huge difference in salary, less than 30% of senion positions are held by women, and many other things that shouldn’t’ be normal in any place in the world.

After doing research for a few months, I discovered that there was no ongoing feminist activity in the region. In many countries in the world, the past few years the feminist movement has grown, we are living what is called the fourth wave of feminism. But why not in Eindhoven?

After writing a ¨controversial¨ post in an international group on Facebook, some women immediately supported my idea of creating a feminist meeting, and our feminist movement started from there.

The Wave was born because of the need of different cultural activities that includes a feminist point of view in the city of Eindhoven. Sometimes, not finding what we want or need, might be the spark to change it all around.


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